Christopher Nolan's Batman 3 & Superman 3.0 Reboot!

on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So Warner Bros. want to reboot one of their most successfull franchises after the amazing 2006 film, Superman Returns (directed by the great Bryan "X-Men" Singer). Warner have chosen to reboot it because surposedly Superman Returns wasn't as successfull as they imagained, it didn't rake them in much money. Meaning that the new film (which is so far being called, Superman 3.0) will have absolutley piss all to do with Singer's film which I think is shit, because Singer had a good story going. This means that we will never find out what happened to Lex Luthor and Kitty on that desert island and also never find out if Lois's son (which turned out to be Superman's son as well, instead of Perry's nephew's son! BUMMER!) grow's up to become the new Superman. So everything was basically left off with a cliffhanger telling us that there were plans for a Bryan Singer- Superman Returns Sequel to be called, "The Man of Steel" But now that story will never see the light of day just like Kevin Smith's Superman: Reborn script! So Warner will now look for a new director. And after looking over at the success of the rebooted Batman Franchise, they thought "Hey! Let's get Chris Nolan to help us pick Superman up from the ashes and help reboot it all!" Meaning that they will probably recast Superman, even though Brandon Routh was the best and looked identical to Christopher Reeves (in my opinion). So, no one knows if Nolan is just mentoring it or if he's actually gonna direct it, who knows! I for one think he will make it amazing and possibly a bit darker than any other Superman flick. I wonder how Nolan's going to kope, he's signed on to direct the yet untitled Batman 3 film with David Goyer writing it (and the Superman 3.0 reboot) and now he's mentoring (possibly directing Superman 3.0 reboot! WOW! What a man! He's got a lot of work to do in the next few years! Good Luck Chris! OH, and also David!