The Eleventh Hour Is Coming.........

on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So on Saturday 23rd April sees the triumphant return of The Doctor since his regeneration and his destruction to the TARDIS at Christmas.
Same man, new body. Matt Smith is the 11th actor to take on the role since it started back in 1963. Not only his he new, but his companion is new and so his his TARDIS.
His new companion Amy Pond, who is so far being described as The Doctor's sexiest companion, and I for one agree big time. She's ginger, she's scottish and she's in a skimpy wee police woman's uniform in (Episode 1) of the new series. The new TARDIS will be twice the size as the 1oth's TARDIS says new boss, Steven Moffet, who's taken over from the great Russell T. Davies. In the new trailer, we get a quick glimpse of the new interior of the TARDIS and by the looks of it, it has a lot of floors and stair-cases.

The series also see's the return of some old favourites, like, The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Weeping Angels and The Silurians (this will be there first appearence on Doctor Who since 1984).
The producer's of the new series also promised an epic finale for Matt Smith as The Doctor. Rumors are spreading, saying that The Doctor will battle The Cybermen, The Daleks and The Sontarans all at the same time. And will also finish with a cliffhanger.
All I can say about the new series is that the trailers that have been released so far are amazing and that I'm so looking forward to Series 5 starting and can't wait to see Matt in action in a full series.