The Newly Redesigned 2010 Tardis

on Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I thought that the makers of Doctor Who: Series 5 would keep the new inside design of the Tardis under wraps until the premier on saturday night. But looks like they got that excited that they aloud the Radio Times crew take pictures of the new Tardis on it's own and one with the new Doctor and his sexy Companion in it too. I think the new Tardis looks pretty cool. It's not amazing, but hey, it's bigger than Tennant's Tardis. But Steven Moffett intended Smith's to be bigger, because the Tardis that we're seeing was meant to be the Tardis that Tennant was gonna have, but the great Russell T. Davies was never given enough money to build it. Now they have enough, so they are with the Tardis they've always wanted. And the cool thing about this one is that it has levels, well
according to Matt Smith it does.