Spider-man: 2012 Marc Webb Reboot! (good & bad things about it)

on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes! It has been announced that Sony have cancelled Spider-man 4 and are rebooting the Spider-man franchise and starting all over again from the beginning. Some people say it's a good thing and others say it's a bad thing. I for one say that it's mixed really. Here's bullet-points of the good and bad things about the reboot.

The Good:
1. New Directions: Marc Webb can do thing's with the franchise that Sam Raimi never did like finally show Dr Connor's become The Lizard or even have Spidey battle Rhino! Something much cooler and darker like that.
2. The new movie might be getting filmed in 3D. Marc Webb has been speaking to James Cameron about it.
3. Change the title to something cooler than just plain-old Spider-man (again). Call it something like "The Amazing Spider-man" or even "Ultimate Spider-man".
4. This is'nt really a good or a bad thing, I just want Marc Webb to bring back Venom (but cast someone else like, Zachary "Sylar & Spock" Quinto)

And now for The Bad:
1. New Cast! Now this counts as both a good and a bad thing because that's the end for big Tobey McGuire, which is rubbish because a really like him as Spidey, but he's getting a wee bit too old now so time for someone new I guess (wonder who it will be though?)
2. New theme tune. I loved and still love the Danny Elfman score and I hope that the studio don't ask him to right a new one, because it probably won't be as good as the original. Just like the Terminator Salvation score...good but not the same as the original.
3. They probably show how Peter became Spider-man again, like we already don't know how it happened.
4. We'll never find out how Peter & MJ got on after Spider-man 3. All we saw were the two of them dancing. Whether they were the same as before...we'll never know. Sucks-ass!