Top Trailers Of Upcoming Movies & TV Shows!

on Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Below is a list of trailers that I suggest you take a look at when surfing the net, around YouTube. They are some of the best trailers that I've seen for these films so far, the only thing is, it's the links to them only because this blog won't let me post the actual trailer. So check'em out!

2. Doctor Who: Series 5 (teaser trailer):
3. Doctor Who Series 5 (cinema teaser trailer):
4. Clash of The Titans: 2010 Remake (trailer 1):
5. Doctor Who: Series 5 (New Trailer):
6. Twilight 3: Eclipse (debut trailer):
9. A Nightmare On Elm Street: 2010 Remake (trailer 2):
12. The A-Team: 2010 Remake (debut trailer):
13. Wall Street 2: Money never Sleeps (trailer 2):