Who I Think Should The Cast Should be In The New 2012 Spider-man Reboot!

on Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So far we know that Marc Webb is the director and that writers are basing the new film on the Ultimate Spider-man series. Sounds cool. There is no cast and no title, just rumors. Below is a list of the main characters in the series and who I think should play them:

Peter Parker/Spider-man.

I'd go for someone like the guy from that new Percy Jackson film, Logan Lerman. He's 18 years old and he's been rumored to play the new web-slinger, and I for one think he's pretty geeky looking anyways...so he'd be perfect for the role.
My other choice would be Jesse Eisenberg, because he was awesome in Zombieland and I also think he would suit the kinda geeky superhero part.
My third choice would be, Taylor Lautner, only if could manage to geek him up a bit more than just now. He's the right age for the role and he's really just began his whole blockbuster life-style and I think this franchise would help him with his career when the Twilight franchise is over.
And my final choice would be, Adam Brody. He was amazing in "The O.C.". He was such a geek and people compared him to me. He knows his comic-books and I think he would take the role the minute he is given it. I would love if he was even a front-runner for the role.


I think that Emma "Zombieland" Stone would be great as a younger Mary-Jane, even though in real-life she's like 4 years older than Logan. But hey it's cool, because older stars can get away with playing younger people in TV shows and films.
If not Emma Stone, then my other choice would have to be none other than Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Mary-Jane in the broadway version of Spider-man, Spider-man: Turn Of The Dark. I haven't seen it personally, but she does look the part though.

Harry Osborn.

For the role of Peter's best friend, I think the role should go to Glee's Cory Monteith, because he just looks like he would play the role well as the rich kid turn badass as The New Goblin. He so has the brow of an Osborn family member.
My second choice would be, Robert Pattinson, because he so has those kinda evil, kinda look in his eyes in Twilight. Obviously, he can't be as dark as Harry Osborn as he is with Edward, but I still think he's a good choice though.
And my final choice would be, Ben McKenzie from "The O.C". I think he would be fantastic for the role of Osborn Jr. He's was so badass in "The O.C", but turned good. So we got to see two-sides to him. Bring that to the role. And plus, he needs the money, because he's done nothing since "The O.C." sadly finished back in like 2006 or something. The only person who's really done something is the very sexy Mischa Barton, even though she's only taking roles with nudity in them...I'm not complaining. LOL.

Gwen Stacey.

The role of Gwen Stacey should go to someone like Hayden Panettiere, because she's so cute and she plays the role of Claire Bennent in "Heroes" amazingly. She's also round about the right age for the role. She's 20 years old and the characters like 17/18. She plays Claire in "Heroes", who's like 18 anyway. She'd be fantastic for the role. She's my one and only choice for the role.

The Villian.

The role of the villian goes to who the the writers choose to be the villian in the movie.
If the writers choose Kraven The Hunter, then I think that Jeffery Dean Morgan would be great for the role because he's a badass and he's looks like one to. He's fantastic as The Comedian in "Watchmen". Bit of bad in him and a bit of good. Perfect.
My other choice for the role of the hunter would be, Gerard Butler. Again, badass look to him and he's so cool in "300". He's a warrior, a hunter. He's got so much anger and he just wants to let it out, so let it out by playing Kraven The Hunter. Plus, he seriously needs to get out of all those rom-com movies and back into badass action films, like "300" and "Law Abiding Citizen".
Another good villian would be, The Lizard. Get Dylan Baker back to finally play The Lizard. I personally feel bad for Baker, because he never got a chance to turn into The Lizard in the Raimi Trilogy. We'll never get to see him become the green dinosaur, which sucks-ass. Even thought it's a reboot and in the rules a reboot has nothing to do with the original, but fuck that we rule and just bring him back, then even if they have to, kill him off for good at the end of the film.
And that's basically all I have to say about the cast choices. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you think I'm right with some of the choices and what I think. If you have anything to say then leave a comment or email me.