The Anchorman Sequel To Begin Shooting Next Year?

on Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank God! There may be a final starting date for the filming of "Anchorman 2" to begin shooting. "Anchorman" director, Adam McKay has pitched "Anchorman 2" to Paramount Pictures and he said that he may begin filming next February.
Now, Will Ferrel has been saying for quite a while now that the sequel has been put on hold. The sequel has been on and off hold for like the last few years, basically since the success of the first film back in 2004, so that's about six years now it's been on and off for.
But right now he has said that it is still in early stages and that he may not get the go-ahead for the sequel. Paramount would be crazy not to go-ahead with this, because the first was amazing and a box-office and financial success. So there!
The cast of the sequel have even all agreed to a pay-cut, just so that they can make this film. Now that's what you call dedication. They wanna make it even if they don't get payed much. They wanna keep their fans happy........