Behold! The Brand New 2010 Mini Cooper Of Daleks........

on Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last night was the return of The Doctor's old enemies who seem to never die. And we were introduced to the all new generation of Daleks. They look awesome. The designers wanted to back to the old 1960's Doctor Who film, "Doctor Who And The Daleks" with the design of the new Daleks. Good desicion I think. They look like Mini Coopers in Dalek forum. Stupid thing to say but c'mon......It's so true and you were thinking the exact same thing too.
In the episode last night, "Victory Of The Daleks" we saw how these new Daleks, known as the "Paragrim Daleks" were created. The name "Paragrim" means that they are pure Dalek.
They were created with a new machine called the "Progenitor", which contained original Dalek DNA. These new Daleks are well taller than the 2005 revival ones and any others for that matter.
The casing of each of the five Daleks seen is a different colour: red, orange, blue, white and yellow. Here is the list of the new Daleks and what they're known as:
1. White: Supreme.
2. Blue: Strategist.
3. Red: Drone.
4. Yellow: Eternal.
5. Orange: Scientist.
I totally love the way we were introduced to a new breed of Daleks. I really do love them, especially the blue one and the red one.