Blue Mountain State Is Hillarious!

on Saturday, April 24, 2010

After just two episodes, I can clearly say that "BMS: Blue Mountain State" is fricken awesome. It's basically "American Pie" in tv form and with american football in it. Only the thing is, is that there really is only one Jim Levenstein and the other two characters are the basic Stifler character.
It's crude. It's rude. It's funny. And it's sexy as hell, especially the college girls in it. WOW! If you like the "American Pie" franchise, then this is the show for you. This is probably the best show that MTV has on it's channel since "South Park".
The series is 13 episodes long and MTV is on ep-3. So far the show has been received well by critics and has been renewed for a series 2......wooohooo!
Now girls can watch it, but I don't think they will enjoy it as much as the boys will. So for all the guys out there, one bit of advice for yah........WATCH THIS SHOW! That's all am saying about it.

"Blue Mountain State" is on every Sunday night @ 10pm on MTV.
Here's the link to the American trailer: