Bond's 23rd Adventure Has Been Put On Hold Indefinitely....Shit!

on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

James Bond's 23rd adventure has been put on hold and no one knows when we will see it on the big screens. The next James Bond film, titled, "Bond 23" has been put on hold because of the trouble that MGM Studios is going through with finances. Shit! Doesn't sound very good. We may never even see a Bond film again, let alone see the 23rd.
The film was scheduled for a 2011/2012 release and was to be directed by British director, Sam Mendes. It looks like it could be much longer, depending on what will happen to MGM. The next time we see a Bond film, if we get to see another Bond film, could be round about 2013, possibly 2014. Now thats really pushing it for Bond actor, Daniel Craig, who turned 42 this year will possibly turning 44/45 years old before he puts that tuxedo back on. Possibly older than that. Daniel Craig is signed on upto a "Bond 24" film, but the way this crisis is going, I think he will drop out of the role and go for something else. And a really don't want that to happen, because he has got to be the best Bond, second being Pierce Brosnan and third being Roger Moore, fourth being Timothy Dalton and fifth being Sean Connery. MGM really need to make a sale for their studios soon or they're gonna shutdown for good. Meaning no more Bond, unless another studio buys it.
There was a rumor months ago saying that Lionsgate, who distibute the "SAW" films were ready to set a deal with MGM, but nothing came out of it. And no one really knows if it was true or false.