The City Of The Mini Cooper Daleks.......

on Thursday, April 22, 2010

The first episode of the new, "Doctor Who: The Adventure Games" is titled, "City Of The Daleks" and it's looking good. The picture above is amazing. It looks just like a promo image for a full-on live-action episode in the TV series.
The plot so far sounds good. It's about The Doctor and Amy landing the TARDIS in an alternative 1963 City of London (1963 was when the show first aired on TV, what are the odds) where they find that the new Daleks have taken over and basically destroyed all of it. The only living human left is sheltering in Charing Cross underground station. So The Doctor and his sexy companion must now repair the Dalek's continuum to prevent this invasion from ever happening. If they don't then the Doctor's new assistant will fade out of existence.
The only way to fix it is to go for a heck of a dangerous trip to Skaro, home of the Daleks. More to the fact that they have do go deep into the city to the core of the Daleks new empire, hence why the title is, "City Of The Daleks" not the fact that they've taking over the City of London.
Now the games manufacturer, Tweedale has said that it would've been good to see this episode in live-action form on TV, but it would be way too expensive because of all the CGI that would've been required for it. Trying to smash up Trafalgar Square for one! That would cost shit louds of money for CGI.
But hey, game form will just have to do. I'm really looking forward still to trying the games out when they get the official release on June 5th of this year.