Could Spock/Sylar Play Superman In The New Reboot?

on Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When I first saw Zachary Quinto back in 2006, when he was first introduced as Gabriel Gray aka Sylar, I thought he would be great as Superman for a future film in the Warner franchise. When you seen him working in the clock shop with his geeky glasses on and his hair all looking smart and even his clothes. He looked like Clark Kent. He dressed the way Clark Kent would dress. And that's when I thought, "Holy Shit! He'd be great as Clark Kent." But at that point in time, Warner had just released Superman Returns, which I thought was fucking epic. Some people didn't think it was good. I loved it. I thought that Brandon Routh was amazing as Clark Kent, I thought he was better than Christopher Reeve...and that's saying a lot.
Anyway, obviously Warner have announced that they have plans to reboot their beloved Superman franchise and they don't really want Routh back, even though he was the best. But his contract has expired. It expired like last year, so wether they renew it or not is their own decision. But if they don't then I think they should look at someone like Zachary Quinto. But obviously he's onboard the USS Enterprise right now with the rest of the crew, planning their next mission, which should hopefully commence on June 29th 2012.