The Eleventh's First Adventure

on Sunday, April 4, 2010

OMG! What a first show that was last night for The Doctor. New body. New face. Same Doctor. It was fantastic from start to finish. It was only seconds into the show when I realised that this was the new Doctor for me. I loved David Tennent. I thought he was the best Doctor and I thought that no one could be better than him. I was so wrong. Matt Smith is amazing. He's so funny. He may never be better than Tennent, but he's definetly on the same line as him.
Last night's first show of the series pulled in 8 million views. This was exactly the same amount of viewers that David Tennent first pulled in on his first full adventure in Christmas 2005. Critics have praised Matt and his new sexy companion, Amy Pond played by the gorgous Scottish actress, Karen Gillian. She's so amazing as the new companion. Critics have said that Matt's Doctor could sooner or later be the Best Doctor to date, meaning that he could seriously become better than Tennent. WOW!
The other amazing thing about the show's return was the new theme tune and opening titles. The are both also amazing. The new theme tune has been changed at the start. It's so awesome. The tune has the a kinda X-Files theme to it with the high type sound, the way The X-Files tune was. If you wanna watch the opening titles, then click on the link below this article. I really don't wanna give anything of last night's plot away, just incase you've still to watch it. All I'm saying is watch it and seriously enjoy. The villain of the show was creepy as hell. I just hope that the rest of the new series gives me this feeling inside that I got from the first episode and also gives me the feeling that I got when seeing Tennent play the Doctor. Bravo to the new cast and crew of Doctor Who.
Link to the opening titles: