Friday The 13th: Part 2 May Be Alive, But Just Not Right Now?

on Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Friday The 13th: 2009 Reboot" Producer, Brad Fuller, last week announced that the sequel to the reboot was....DEAD! Now it seems that he's officially announced that it is still very dead, but may get picked-up in the future or when Paramount decide to look back into it again.
Because this is a big franchise, the door is always open for many other sequels. So really they can go on and on with "Friday The 13th", but by doing it slowly and gradually. Like they could really start again in like a few years really. Or just start with a new sequel in like 5 years. Don't have to be right now or even next year. Just take you're time Paramount.
He also announced that he and Paramount are finally moving forward with the remake/reboot of the 1960's Hitchcock classic, "The Birds".
So after hearing this, it makes you know that the sequel is technically still in development, but just not for a release any time soon.