GLEE's Mid-Season Break (In The Uk) Is Over.....Thank God For That!

on Thursday, April 15, 2010

On Monday 19th April on E4 at 9pm, the hit American-high school-comedy-musical, GLEE is back on the air after a 3 week break from tv. Now in America, the break is known as a mid-season break and this return is known as a mid-season return. Only America's break is like a couple of months, so here's not as bad with ours only being 3 weeks. Sweet!
The second part of the first series will see the return of all the cast and will continue right where part 1 of the series ended, with Will Schuester left kissing Emma Pillsbury and also ending his marrige with his wife, Terri, after Will found out that she wasn't really pregnant and that she was lying to him for the past few months. Sucks to be her then.
We also so Will finally defeat the Cheerleader Coach, Sue Sylvester and her getting suspended for a few months. But she'll be back with a vengence. She has big plans to take Will down. And we also see Rachael, who's in love with the main guy, Finn, tell him that his pregnant girlfriend and ex cheerleader is actually pregnant with his best friend, Puck's child and that she was lying to Finn, saying that is was actually his. Now it's all came out.
As for the Glee Club, there "Road To Sessionals" ended with them winning it, obviously. And now there "Road To Regionals" begins in the second part of the series. Woohoo! Can't wait to see what this second part will bring us.