The Green Hornet Is Pushed Back And Goes 3D!

on Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seth Rogen's "Green Hornet" release date has again been pushed back, now to January 14th 2011, because it's now gonna have some action scenes made in 3D. Sounds good, but the release date has been pushed back twice now and I feel that we'll never get to see this film.
Quite a lot of film this year and next are going 3D. Now I love 3D films, like "Avatar" and "Clash Of The Titans". But an action-comedy like, "The Green Hornet" being in 3D doen't really make me excited. It kinda makes me think that the film is not gonna be good. Because why now do they decide, "OH! Let's re-shoot some scene's in 3D." It's like they need the audience, just like, "Final Destination 4", 3D was pretty kick-ass, but the rest of the film was fucking shite. Now let's hope the same thing don't happen with this one.