Iron Man 3 Possibly After The Avengers?

on Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Iron Man actor, Robert Downey Jr told MTV-Movie News that there plans for an "Iron Man III", but he thinks that the producers at Marvel Studios wanna make "The Avengers" first to make sure it gets it's 2012 release date. Not the worst news in the world. Would be good if we got a third film before "The Avengers", so that at the end of part 3, it could possibly end with the start of "The Avengers" film. Pretty cool. But by the sounds of it "Iron Man III" will possibly be out by either 2013 or 2014. It's only 3/4 years away. The length could possibly make it the ultimate film. It's told that it will be the final film in the trilogy, not saying that the franchise wont go on after that. Robert Downey Jr did state that if the script is good, then he'll put the the suit back on even if it's like "Iron Man 5 or 6". Sweeeeeet!