Is Joss Whedon Gonna Direct The Avengers Movie?

on Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Various sites are reporting that Buffy and Angel creator, Joss Whedon is in final negotiations with Marvel Studios to direct their big upcoming Marvel Film, "The Avengers". I think that he'd be a good choice of director for the film. He seems like he needs to do some sort of a comic bok film, why the hell not this one. Okay, this is a big movie. Featuring like every Marvel Comic character all in one. It's gonna be epic. So far we know that the cast is:
1. Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man
2. Don Cheadle as War Machine
3. Chris Evans as Captain America
4. Chris Hemsworth as Thor
5. Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury
I'll post more news on how this turns out, wether he'll get the job as director or not.

"The Avengers" is due for worldwide release on May 4th 2012.