Is Paramount Already Trying To Reboot Iron Man?

on Thursday, April 1, 2010

Look! I hate to even have to post this news, but it's important and people have to hear. The fucking monsters at Paramount Pictures have told us that they already have plans to try and reboot the great Iron Man films. Iron Man II hasn't even been released yet. This is a disgrace. Even though the first film took in $600 million worldwide and that the second film is gonna take in even more at the box-office. I mean, what the hell are they thinking. That means bye-bye to Sir Robert "Iron Man" Downey Jr. Coz if they're gonna reboot it, then that means new cast. FUCK! The thing that pisses me off the most is that they have already got McG close to getting the directors job. No offence, but he'll fucking ruin it. I enjoyed his 4th Terminator, but others didn't. He could have done a bit better, but it was still pretty cool as a stand-alone film. The studio want to go a completely different direction than with the franchise. McG also had the cheek to say, "Iron Man is a bigger than life character. Robert Downey, Jr. is great if you want some artsy, fartsy, indie cred but this movie is going to be much bigger than that." Fucking cheeky git. How dare he say that about Robert's Iron Man. He's amazing as him. McG also said that he wants WWE superstar John Cena to play the new Iron Man, if he gets the job to direct the reboot. Now, I like John Cena in his own action films, but not as Iron Man, in a big box office blockbuster. What I don't get about this news is that Robert Downey Jr. stated last week that he and Jon Favreau have already discussed an Iron Man III after this film, to complete the trilogy. So is Paramount planning to reboot it after this trilogy is complete or are they gonna cancel the 3rd film? Who knows! This reboot may also jeopardize Robert Downey's involvement in The Avengers 2012 film. I hope it doesn't. I'm just praying still that this is all just one big rumour.