Is Percy Jackson The New Spidey?

on Sunday, April 11, 2010

I would love actor, Logan Lerman, to play the new younger Spider-man for the Marc Webb: Spider-man: 2012 reboot. He so looks the part. He's the right age and he looks like a pure geek. Fantastic! I never saw his latest film, Percy Jackson: Lightning Theif, but I heard it was pretty shit. So I think am gonna give it a pass for now, or even until one of my friends buys it when out on dvd.
Now back in February, it was reported that Logan Lerman was not the frontrunner for the role, but now, just over 2 months later, it's reported that the actor is now and I quote, "almost 100% locked as Spider-man". He must have changed his mind, seeing as he's basically going nowhere with his Percy Jackson character.
I really don't 100% approve of this reboot of one of Marvel's most fantastic franchises, but what the hell. GO-4-IT! I'm sure it will kickass. I'll post more info when it comes in.

"Untitled Spider-man Reboot" is due for release on July 3rd, 2012.