Is SAW VII: 3D The Final SAW Film?

on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now, news is traveling around Hollywood, saying that "SAW VII: 3D" is gonna be the final SAW film in the franchise even though the SAW crew had plans to finish the franchise with "SAW X" in 2014 for it's 10 aniversary. They've decided to finish the franchise with this final installment in 3D, because the sixth film didn't bring in as much as the crew wanted.
"SAW VI" was the lowest-grossing film in the whole series to date, even though I thought the film was awesome. I thought it was the best in the second series. "SAW I-III" being the first series and "SAW IV-VI" being the kinda prequel-type origin story as-well as sequels to the first 3 films.
"SAW VI" writer, Patrick Melton of "SAWVI" has decided to incorporate the plot for "SAW VIII" into the seventh film. I seriously think that this new film will be a box-office hit because of the use of 3D technology. And even though the crew have decided to end the series, I think if this one is a hit on 3D, then I think they will continue the franchise, because there's a lot of story to tell now that (SPOILER ALERT) Jigsaw's wife, Jill Tuck has taken over as the Jigsaw killer now. Fucking epic surprise ending to "SAW VI".
Well see how this turns out after the release of "SAW VII". I think that the franchise is amazing, it has a real compelling mind-fuck of a story that seems to never end. Well, it does now though. "SAW VII" is due to be released on October 22nd of this year and will compeat with "Paranormal Activity II".