Is The Sexy Vanessa Hudgens Gonna Be Spider-Woman In A Feature Film?

on Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is interesting in two parts. Part 1: it means that Marvel Studio's are considering a film adaption of the comic, that I really know nothing about, and part 2: means that they must be planning to into production very soon with it.
Now the casting has to be right and I think that if Vanessa Hudgens is going to be cast as Spider-Woman then that's not that bad actaully. She's sexy and she looks like she could actually do well it being a crime-fighter. Better than what Zac Efron would do if he was cast as the new Spider-Man, who has also expressed interest in the role of the man. Damn! I guess we would just have to get uset to it in the end. I would enjoy watching him as Spidey, only if he would do it right.
It's being said that Vanessa has expressed interest in the role and that a movie insider has stated that the idea for the film is to make it fun and comedic, so Vanessa Hugdens would be perfect for it. Doesn't sound that bad really when you think about it.