Is The Terminator Gonna Be The New Batman?

on Thursday, April 1, 2010

Now this is some very, very, very interesting news. Some web sources are saying that actor Sam Worthington is taking over the role as Batman from Christian Bale, who's played The Dark Knight for two films now. I think that Sam would make a great Batman, but I also like Bale. He's good. He's got the voice for it, even though we never really know what he's saying. Director James Cameron says that he would love to see Worthington take on the role and surprisingly, so does Batman Godfather, Christopher Nolan. Nolan is excited about making Batman III and is open to recast Bale, but he has doesn't think it would be a good move because Bale is well-known. I for one say go for it Nolan. Recast him. He's done well for two movies, now it's Sam Worthington's time to be The Caped Crusader. He did do better with acting in Terminator Salvation than Bale did. Plus, you will probably be about to understand what Worthington's saying in the bat-suit, better than Bale. We joke there.