Is Warner Finally Making The JLA Film?

on Monday, April 5, 2010

Yes! The rumours are back on the Justice League film. There's rumours saying that the film commence filming next year for a 2012 release. This means that DC with the Justice League Of America film will go head-2-head with Marvel's The Avengers film. Woohoo! Awesome. The other rumour is said that Director Chris Nolan has became the DC and Warner Bros. go-to guy with their big A-list comic movies and that he has been asked to direct the JLA film after he's finished with making his Batman III and after his mentoring on Superman 3.0 reboot. No-one know's yet who the cast will be. But a have found a picture on the net with various movie stars dressed in the Justice League costumes of all the characters.
The picture of the cast and characters actually look very awesome. We have Tom Welling as Superman, Christian Bale as Batman, Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern, Laura Vandervoot as Supergirl, Justin Hartley as The Green Arrow, Alaina Huffman as The Black Canary, Alan Ritchson as Aquaman, Serinda Swan as Zatanna, some hot unknown chick playing the sexy Wonder Woman and finally the old, John Wesley Shipp as The Flash (the old 90's tv show verison). Most of the cast shown in this poster are in the Smallville series as the characters in the JLA. I personally would cast Chris Pine as The Flash and Megan Fox as Wonder Woman if the JLA film was a deffo go and keep the rest of the other cast members from above.
Hopefully this rumour again is true and that Warner are deffo gonna be making a JLA film in the next couple of years if not next year.