The Older Eleventh Doctor?

on Saturday, April 17, 2010

(BDWSA: Big Doctor Who Spoiler Alert) Now there are lots and lots of rumors traveling through cyber-space. One rumor that I came across was, well, very interesting. Really!
The rumor is that British actor, Toby Jones (shown above dressed in the 11th Doctor's uniform) is surpost to be playing an older version of our new 11th Doctor. Weird right?
The picture is taken from the trailer. Now I never even noticed him in the 11th's uniform. All I noticed was he was in the TARDIS.
Now, he's surpost to be the villain of the episode, which is episode 7 of the new series. The episode is titled, "Amy's Choice". He's surpost to be known as The Dream Lord. Cool name, maybe the episode is all a dream and this is The Doctor dreaming of himself in the 11th form, but older. Anyway, the episode is set 5 years in the future and The Doctor's new sexy companion is just about to give birth to her baby (dirty, dirty Doctor....tut-tut). The Doc's had a dip in the Pond. Hahahaha! I really crack myself up sometimes. Anyway, so Amy has a choice, stay with The Doctor when her baby is born...........or leave? We'll need to watch it and find out in like 4 weeks time.
So back to this mysterious new Older 11th Doctor. We did at the end of series 3, see Tennent's Doctor being transformed into an older version of himself by The Master. I'm kinda looking forward to see who this is, wether he is the older 11th Doctor or just happens to be wearing the same uniform as our 11th Doctor. Again, we'll just need to watch this episode in 4 weeks time to find out all.