The Paranormal Activity Review

on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I just finally saw Paranormal Activity the other day on dvd. I tried to go and see it in the cinema, but couldn't. Wish I did though. I thought the film was amazing from start to finish. It was so cool how it was made. It's like "The Blair Witch Project" but fucking 10 times better than it. The director, Oren Peli made this in his house in like a couple of weeks, without any special effects or nothing. It was all done with wires and basic trick photography. Amazing. It looked so real, hence why I shat myself when watching it. Sadly the director isn't coming back for the second film, titled, "Paranormal Activity II" and is scheduled to begin production in May of this year and it's to be release October of this year. The sequel is gonna be directed by Tod Williams. It was originally to directed by SAW VI director, Kevin Greutert, but he's going back to the SAW franchise to direct the 7th SAW film, which is also set for release this October. Back to my PA review.
The film is about a couple, Micah and Katie, who live in San Diego. Katie claims that there is a ghost that's haunted her since she was young and that's it's followed her to their new home. So Micah sets up his video camera in their bedroom to see if he catches anything. As the film goes on, we start to see some of the going's on from the ghost, which you only see black shadows of it. Micah starts to believe Katie.
I don't want to give away to much for those who haven't seen it yet and who want to see it. But you don't expect the film to end the way it ended. The dvd has the theatrical version with the original ending and a alternate verison with a completely different ending. The original verison of the ending is well better than the alternative one.
I would give this film a great big 10/10 for sure. I just hope that the sequel doesn't turn out to be like the way the Blair Witch sequel did. It was shit. Here's hoping.