Robert Downey Jr Confirms That Work On Sherlock 2 Has Began And Filming Will Be Soon!

on Sunday, April 25, 2010

Even before the release of the first "Sherlock Holmes" film, there was already talk of a sequel, but when it was released, the talk of a sequel died down and now it's basic rumors that are left for the sequel. But now the star of the movie, Robert "Iron Man" Downey Jr, officially confirmed that he's back for the role and that he will be back in London this Autumn, where filming will start on the highly-anicipated sequel to the 2009 Guy Richie box-office smash hit. Downey Hr confirmed this whilst being interviewed by Jonathan Ross on friday night on his chat show, but Downey Jr was being interviewed via satalite in LA.
It's also been confirmed by the producers of the first and new film, that all the cast from the first one will return. Downey Jr (Obviously), Law and McAdams. Yes! No typecast. Thank God.....hate when that happens in films.
I'm really excited about the film, I loved the first one and I love the fact that the villain will be Professor Moriarty. Sweet! Now there were and still are rumors circulating saying that the Moriarty charcter is to be played by Brad Pitt. No one knows if that's true or false yet, well, not until Guy Richie or even Brad Pitt confirm it themselves.
Guy Richie started work on "Sherlock 2" on March 21st 2010, he's meant to be half-way through the script, so hears hoping that they get the film out for possibly Summer next year then.