Schwarzenegger & Glover Returning For Predators, But In CG Versions?

on Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yes! That's correct. Rumors are going around the web saying that Arnold Schwarenegger (Predator) and Danny Glover (Predator II) are both returning to the new sequel/reboot film, but in CG. Weird, right! This news sounds fucking horrible, a mean, come'on...really? If this is true, and I pray to god it ain't, then this will just ruin the whole film. This new film so far from what we've seen in the sneak peak trailer, look's fucking amazing. Now they put this shit into it. Now a know that Robert Rodriguez wanted Arnie in it, but this way ain't good. The whole Arnie CG cameo in Terminator Salvation was cool, but it didn't feel right. So please, don't do this. Especially with this film. Please!