The Second Proper Look At The New Freddy

on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here's the second proper look at Jackie Earle Haley's new scarier Freddy Krueger from the Elm Street: 2010 remake/reboot. Again, he looks fucking epic looking, well better than England's. England's Freddy did look good in the first 3 films, but in the rest of the films his make-up looked plastic and fake. In one film, think it was either "A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 or 5" where Freddy even looked Chinese. Cum'on. What the fuck happened to the make-up there. "Wes Craven's: New Nightmare" did make Freddy scary-as-fuck again. Finally. Thank god. And now, Freddy looks epic. Very fucking scary. Plus he really looks more like an actuall real burn victim and that's what the crew of the new film wanted to do. MAKE HIM LOOK AS REAL AS POSSIBLE! And by the looks of it, they've done just that.
"A Nightmare On Elm Street" is due for UK release on May 7th 2010.