Skins: Series 5 & 6 Is Happening! As-Well-As A Feature Film

on Thursday, April 15, 2010

E4 have commissioned both a fifth and sixth series for 2011 and 2012 of the hit series "Skins". Now the crew are looking for a third generation cast and auditions have commenced.
Now, I for one am excited to see who they for the new cast and I'm happy that they ended the second generation because I was getting so fucking bored of them because they were all making the show so fucking depressing. For one, the Cooke character was to fucking far. He made me switch the tv off and not watch the fourth series. I watched the first episode for series 4 and thought, "Bugger this! I've had enough!".
I actually liked him in series 3 in the intro for the second generation. He was kinda like a Chris character from series 1 and 2, but then Cooke became a bit sickening and I began to really hate his cuts. I was kinda hoping that the creators would hurry up and kill him off, but they never. They killed Freddie instead. Bastards! And then the last seen was with Cooke screaming like a stupid dick, "I'm Coooooooooke!" Bollocks to that. Shit way to end the second generations time on the series.
So thank god the creators have gone for the new third generation. Now there is speculation that Effy is gonna return for the fifth and sixth series. Fuck knows why. She was in series 1-4. Done! No need for her to return again for the third generation. And if this return is true, then just kill her of in like series 5-episode 1. And lets hope that the new cast will have some really hot girls in it. The first cast and second cast did have some hotties in it, so here's hopping the new cast has too.
Also, Film4 have also commissioned a feature film. No-one knows which cast will appear in the film. Reports are saying that it may be the first and second generation in it, showing how they got on after their seasons finished. How they're doing in the real working world as grown-ups. And other reports are saying that the film will feature the new generation meeting up with the first and second generations.
So, I'll end this report by saying that I'm really looking forward to the future of Skins and I would love to see a film happening as-well-as the new characters.