There Could Be A End-Of-Credits Avengers Scene In Iron Man 2

on Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There's news going around saying that there very well my be an extra scene at the end-of-the-credits of the upcoming, Iron Man 2. Surposedly the end-of-credits scene is to have a special appearence from both Thor and Captain America. This will be the same as the extra scene at the end of the first Iron Man film with the introduction of the new black Nick Fury, played by the great Samuel L "Motherfucking" Jackson. The scene for Iron Man 2 is meant to continue the lead up to "The Avengers" film in 2012 and also the "Captain America" and "Thor" films in 2011. This sounds like it could be an awesome scene.
Means that we will get a glimpse of both Chris "The Human Torch" Evans and Chris "George Kirk" Hemsworth in their Thor and Captain America costumes before the release of the films next year. Epic!

"Iron Man 2" is due for release on May 7th 2010.
"The First Avenger: Captain America" is due for release on July 22nd 2011.
"Thor" is due for release on May 6th 2011.
"The Avengers" is due for release on May 4th 2012.