This Screen-Shot Creeps Me The Hell Out!

on Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is the scariest fucking thing that I've seen in ages, and it's only a picture.....well, screen-shot. The above pic is a screen-shot taken from the upcoming "Elm Street" remake/reboot. Now the past couple of pictures have been quite cool and scary looking, but this shot is what I call, "Shit-You're-Pants-Scary". He just looks so sinister and sadistic. Look at his skin. YUCK!
This screen-shot just creeps me out and makes me so much more excited about the film finally coming to the UK like next friday. WOOHOO!
Some critics have had an advanced screening of the film and have all gave it a great review so far. That sounds so-far-so-good. They especially praised Jackie Earle Haley for his portrail as Freddy. They all said that he is so much better. No funny, stupid stuff, just down right gritty and nasty and scary. They also said that the film is on of the bloodiest remakes they've ever seen and that it's also very disturbing. That's good. Can't wait..........