To Victory.........

on Monday, April 12, 2010

Yes! One of The Doctor's worst enemies are returning to the show this saturday in episode 3 of the new series, titled: "Victory of the Daleks".
From the trailer that we saw at the end of episode 2 on saturday there, it looks like PM Winston Churchill is using the Daleks to win the war for him.
In the trailer, it shows that the episodes set in WW2 (DUH!) and that the Dalek, shown above, was created by a Professor who works for Churchill. The Professor calls the Dalek, "Ironside". Obviously The Doctor tries to tell Churchill that this is a Dalek and that it been created to kill and not to work for him. Churchill doesn't listen and continues to try and use the Dalek for good, to win him the war. So we'll need to find out what happens with that then. I'm really looking forward to this episode.
Here's the link to the trailer for those who wanna watch: (the official BBC 1 trailer) (the next time trailer at the end of ep.2)