Two 3D ALIEN Prequel Films Coming?

on Saturday, April 24, 2010

Director, Ridley Scott, has revealed that he has plans for not one "ALIEN" prequel.....but two. And they're gonna be in 3D. Sweeeeeeet! Sounds excellent. More "ALIEN" films the better. Evan if they're prequels to the original. The only details that I have on the plot is that the films will take place about 30 years before the first film and that the Ripley character will not appear in them, seeing as her character would've been born then. It's also confirmed that the lead-role will still be a woman, I think that we'll be seeing a kinda Kate Beckinsale type role like in the "Underworld" franchise. Lead female hunting creatures like the aliens. Pretty cool. Only she wont be a vampire. One more thing, the aliens are getting a major make-over.

"ALIEN: Prequel-Film 1" is due for release in late 2011/early 2012.