V 2010 Reboot Is Awesome!

on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now I never even knew about this "V" series when it was originally on back in like the 1980's. Didn't really care about it. But when a saw that is got a reboot, I thought that a would give it a shot and see what it's like, because the 2004 "Battlestar Galactica" reboot was awesome also, so what the hey. Although, the spin-off, "Caprica" isn't that great. Not as good as BSG. Well better. Anyway, "V" is absolutely excellent, and only after 2 episodes. I think it's kickass.
Now above is actress, Monrena Baccarin, who plays the sexy Anna, who is the aliens.....well basically she's their leader. Good choice....thumbs-up to that! Now, you know straight away from the first few seconds of the first episode, that these aliens don't come in peace, eventhough they say that they do.
Basically the plot so far is one day, giant spaceships all of a sudden appear in like 29 of our major cities. I we learn from Anna that they are aliens (obviously...DUH!) and that they've been traveling the universe looking for others (humans basically) and to live with them. They look like us and talk like us put are alien underneath. They act like they mean no harm, but c'mon....they so do. They also try to recruit us to be like their partners in a way. Work with them and shit. FBI agent, Erica Evans, played by actress Elizabeth Mitchell, realizes that they are here to take over the world and destroy us all and that they have spent decades infiltrating our goverments and buisnesses. They're nearly finished their work and are in the final stages to deploy the destruction of humanity.
Now I've credited it at "V: 2010" rather than "V:2009", because that's what it says on Syfy uk. The Us is nearly finished with the series, if not already. And the reviews so far have been good both in the US and the UK, although there is a rumor going around saying that the series is to be cancelled. Fucks knows why, because it's had good reviews from both sides.
So again, lets hope it's just another stupid rumor and let's hope that we get a series 2.