Amy's Choice Review!

on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In my opinion, I thought that "Amy's Choice" was one of those episodes that we get in every series of revived show, that makes you sit back on you're chair and say to yourself, "What the hell was that?". Brilliant. That's what the new series producer's want you to do.
I thought that the episode was excellent. I thought that casting Toby Jones as The Dream Lord was a brilliant choice. He was so sneaky and funny and just like and evil Doctor. Which it turned out that he was. What happened was that some psychic pollen from space managed to make it's way into the TARDIS and well kinda fucks up the lives of The Doctor, Amy and Rory. They're in one world which is real and that the other which is fake.
The Dream Lord plays games with them and make's Amy choose which one is the dream and which one isn't. So it's all up to her in the end. Hence the name of the episode.
One world is set in Upper Leadworth, where the year in 2015 and Amy and Rory have finally got married. Oh! And Amy's pregnant. The Doctor lands and comes to visit to see how they are both doing with their lives, without the TARDIS life. They seem to be doing fine, but they're really not. Every time they hear birds they fall asleep and wake up in the TARDIS. Where every thing is not what it seems as well.
The Dream Lord introduces himself and The Doctor questions him as to how he got onboard the TARDIS. But The Dream Lord doesn't tell him. He just plays games with them. Going back and forward from Leadworth to the TARDIS. But trouble is also growing in Leadworth, where all the old people are monsters called, The Ecnodeen. So they are trying to kill our time-traveling heroes. And so is The Dream Lord.
Now seeing as Rory technically dies in the Leadworth world, because The Ecnodeens get him and The Doctor is in a deep sleep and even worse, the TARDIS is frozen up completely because it's traveling towards some kind of a cold star......Amy Pond saves the day again. Good for her.
So The Doctor awakens, discovers that The Dream Lord was in fact himself. Rory wakes up too, meaning that he only died in the dreamworld. And like a said at the start, The Doctor finds the pollen and kick's it out. Only when he walks back up to the main console, he looks down at it and looks at his reflection, seeing The Dream Lord look back at him.
I really would gives this episode 10 out of 10 for it's excitement and.......well, for being such a bloody good episode. I'm really looking forward to next week. We see the return of an old enemy of The Doctor. An enemy that hasn't been on TV since like 1984/5.