Are We Revisiting Elm Street In 3D?

on Monday, May 3, 2010

Okay, so the critics don't really like the new "Elm Street" film, but the fans seem to. Because the new film has taken in over $32 million at the box-office on it's opening weekend. Not amazing, but it seems that Warner Bros. are happy with it. So happy that they have commissioned a sequel for a possible 2011 release.
Warner are thinking about making it in 3D, which was the original idea for the remake. Seems like every film is going 3D now. I really wouldn't mind seeing Freddy's claw fly out at me, would be pretty cool really.
Jackie Earle Haley is contracted to play Freddy Krueger for 3 films and has agreed to return for the sequel. I really think that he'll do all 3 of them and possibly more. Maybe a 4, 5 and possibly 6 if he and Warner can handle it. Actress, Rooney Mara, who play's Nancy in the film is also contracted for 3 films, though no one at this point knows if she'll return or not.
"A Nightmare On Elm Street II: 3D" is due for possible release sometime in 2011.