Charlie's Angels Are Back...........On The Small Screen?

on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

According to THR, Drew Barrymore is planning to be one of the producers for the Angels return. Only, the Angels will return on the small screen instead of the big screen. She's been wanting to do a third film for years now, and just never got the chance to do it.
At one point, she wanted to do a third film with new characters and new cast members for the lead roles. Now she has got that chance.
The new show is to be a new reboot to the original TV series back in the 60's/70's. A reboot did one kinda happen back in 1988 titled, "Angels 88", with Tea Leoni playing one of the leads. But it never happened. But last year, the "Terminator" TV series writer wrote a kick-off pilot for a new series, but again, it never happened. So now, lets see if this series kicks-off or not............