The Iron Man 2 Easter Eggs!

on Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now that the film is out, I can now discuss the 2 wee easter eggs that appeared in the film. If you're a die hard "Iron Man" fan, like me, then you would've went to see it on the first night or even in the first week. So if you haven't yet seen it........STOP READING NOW!
The first easter egg was Captain America's shield. It appeared when Tony was building the machine that would create the power for his new triangular reactor. The above pic was the only real good screen shot of the scene. Agent Coulson is asked by Tony to get something out of a box and he discovers the shield and questions Tony to why it was there. Tony takes it off him and uses it as, well, basically a balance. Priceless moment in the film! His shield also appeared in the first Iron Man film in 2008.
The second easter egg was after the end credits, where Agent Coulson is driving through the New Mexico desert to an area where a group of people are digging a massive hole. Coulson goes on the phone and speaks to the person on the other line. He says, "Sir, we've found it." And all we really get is a quick glimpse of Thor's hammer and then the scene cuts. Again, another cool scene.
Now, a lot of people thought that both Thor and Captain America were gonna appear in person, but I think it was better this way, don't you agree..........