LOST Is Over..........Thank God!

on Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank God! Lost is finally over after 6 seasons. Fucking hated it and wanted it to be over for a long-time now. Now better shows can take it's place in it's TV slot.
I remember sitting down and watching series 1 with my family. We all thought that the first series was pretty good until the series ended with the fucking pollar bear being that mysterious monster scaring them all on the island. We just thought, "Balls to this!" So we never watched it again.
Okay, the show got like 6 seasons. I must have been good enough. But still, there were people out there thinking that this show is shit. They'll never get off that fucking island. The creators even made a game, and in the game the characters were still on the island. Okay, so I heard that they got off it......but then they got back on it again. There was also news that the series was to end with a movie. But the movie was cancelled. And the story for the movie was put into the 6th series. And surposedly the show was also to go up to like a series 9 or 10. But got cut down.
Now me, my old friend (Chris Reilly) and my dad all thought that the series will end with the characters turning out to be dead. And look what fucking happened.........turned out they were dead after all. Fucking knew it. What a sucky ending. They could've ended it with that like in series 3 or even 4. Case closed!