Matt Hooper Is Back......In Piranha 3D!

on Thursday, May 6, 2010

Now this was the only good picture that I could get of the great Richard Dreyfuss in "Piranha 3D". Now, he's announced that his character is the same character from the original "JAWS" movie in 1975. His character, "Matt Hooper", one of the heroes of the 1975 shark movie is to return after 35 years with Dreyfuss reprising him.
He's survived getting eaten by a great white, now let's see if he can survive getting eaten by piranha's. Here's a quote from Dreyfuss, ''I play Matt Hooper. I play the older Matt Hooper, who escaped being eaten by the shark and is now eaten by a bunch of piranha fish'' He confirmed that it's deffo that character. Only, on wikipedia, it says that his character is called Dr. Gordon Raybank. So we'll just need to watch the film to find out which name it is.