New Lost Boys 3: The Thirst Images

on Monday, May 17, 2010

Above are some of the new images from the new upcoming "Lost Boys" sequel, "Lost Boys 3: The Tribe". Again, Corey Feldman will return as vampire hunter and hero, Edgar Frog. Not only will Feldman be returning, but his on-screen "Lost Boys" partner in crime, Jamison Newlander is also set to be returning as the other Frog brother, Alan Frog from the first film. Corey Haim, Corey Feldman's best friend was meant to return as well as Sam Emerson, from the first film. But he was not able to do it due to his busy schedule. Then he announced that he has signed on for the fourth film, but seeing as he died back in March of this year.......means he won't be returning at all. It is unsure if his character will be recast or not.
The film is set for release direct-to-dvd sometime later this year. Warners Bros. are planning to release a "Lost Boys" sequel per year. So we should be seeing "Lost Boys IV" next year.