RAMBO 5 Teaser Poster And Potential Plot Details.......

on Friday, May 14, 2010

This photo was taking at the Cannes Film Festival market by one of the guys from another movie website and he put it on his TwitPic profile. The teaser posters not all that amazing, it's just a pic of Rambo from the fourth film after he beat the bad guys. They've taken that image and just slapped on "RAMBO V". Not that impressive, but it's only a teaser poster. But at least it does tell us that the fifth film may really be happening for sure.
Also, the Rambo-exec producer, Boaz Davidson let slip the plot details for the fifth film in Deadline magazine. Here's what the plot may be, ''John Rambo returns home, finds out his father died. Only a mexican family that worked for his father lives in the Rambo house, which is next to the mexican border. The daughter of the mexican family decides to celebrate her birthday in Mexico, where she disappears. John Rambo starts looking for her, and finds out a connection to a slave traders ring."
He also said that the film will stick to the realism of the last one and will be again, bloddy as hell.........NICE!