RAMBO 5..........Without Stallone?

on Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stallone was chating with the guys over at "Aintitcool.com". He said that he doesn't know one fecking thing about a "RAMBO 5". So there's a poster and promo flyers over at the Cannes Film Festival and the film producers are promoting it too. But he said to them that he's done with Rambo. He was working on it, but finished on it a few months back. So he's finished with it even if the producers ain't. Oh god!
So the producers will go for a fifth Rambo, basically with or without Stallone. So we could see a "RAMBO 5" next year with a new guy playing the lead character. Now, would it not just be better rebooting the franchise then, instead of continuing where Stallone left off? I think it would be.