Sheen Returning To Two And Half Men?

on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No back in February this year, Charlie Sheen had to go into rehab and filming on the CBS hit Us comedy, "Two And A Half Men" came to a stop. People thought that this was the end of the show. No Charlie, means the show would get cancelled.
Then filming resumed in March and the final episodes of the series were filmed. Speculation was spreading saying that Charlie Sheen was aiming to quit at the show at the end of the seventh. He was not happy with what he was getting per episode.....$1 million.
But now CBS are in negotiations with him to bring him back. They are planning to pay him $2 million per episode now. CBS has renewed the contract for the show up to 2012, but news is spreading saying that the show is close to cancellation. Will the show stay till 2012? Or will the show end soon, even with the return of Charlie Sheen? Only time will tell........