Time To Dream.......

on Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the teaser trailer of this weeks episode of Doctor Who. We were quickly introduced to the episodes key villain. He calls himself, The Dream Lord. Pretty cool name. But it turns out that Toby Jones is not the older version of The 11th Doctor, even though he has on his clothes. Feel find out why he's wearing them.
What I know of the plot so far is that he has split time into two. One is real and the other is not. One is where the episode is set in 2015, where Amy hasn't seen The Doctor in a whole five years. Rory has long hair and Amy has another thing going on, she's pregnant. Now people over the last few weeks have been saying that The Doctor is the father. I too was also wondering who the father was, but it's clear that it's Rory, seeing as Amy hasn't seen The Doctor in five years.

The other time is where The Doctor, Rory and Amy are continuing traveling through time on adventures. The Dream Lord (Toby Jones) somehow got into the TARDIS and, by the looks of it in the teaser, manages to shut it down completely and freezes it with the The Doc and his companions in it.
Now that's the most I know about the episode so far, so we'll all just have to see how it all pans. I think the episode looks amazing and I'm really looking forward to watching it.
The episode airs on Saturday night on BBC 1 at 6pm.