Will RAMBO 5 Actually Be Happening After All?

on Thursday, May 13, 2010

Okay, a few weeks back, I posted an article saying that Sylvester Stallone officially announced that Rambo was dead! But now it seems that he may be back in action for a 2011 release.
The guys from "Firstshowing.net" took a visit to the Cannes Film Festival and today picked up promotional flyer for "RAMBO V". All it said was Rambo V: Coming 2011. And they also spotted a full sized poster for the film, that was surpost to be dead.
Now no one knows what the hells going on with the film. We still really don't 100% know if the film is deffo happening or not, because we've not got any official word from Stallone, so it could be fake. It's kinda like the "Spider-man 4" teaser poster that was at a comic-book convention like two years ago. It turned out to be fake.