Back To The Future And Jurassic Park Games Are Coming!

on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That's right everybody! Universal Partnerships & Licensing have signed a contract with Telltale Games for them to develop video games based on both of the "Back To The Future" and "Jurassic Park" franchises. I think that this is a great idea to build both franchise back up again. We'll probably never see another "Back To The Future" film, unless it's a remake/reboot, so why not do it this way with a game. Now on the "Jurassic Park" side, this is a different story. We will eventually see another film in this franchise.
Director Joe Johnston has said that he has an idea for a fourth film, which he hopes to kick-start a whole new 3D trilogy. Now I'm guessing that Universal are gonna give Johnston the yes, depending on how successfull this game is with the fans and the critics. I can bet a 5iver that's how they're thinking.
Anyway, the games are set for release in the Winter time. Don't know if that's this year or next year. But I'm sure as fuck looking forward to them. So very exciting!!!!!!!!!