Doctor Who: Series 6 Rumors!

on Monday, June 14, 2010

Now the rumors for Series 6 have started even before the Series 5 has ended. So far the rumors are spreading saying that Rory will make a return. Now a don't know if he will return in full human form, as he's dead, or as a ghost. He's meant to be returning in this season's finale. As a ghost or back from the dead? Again, no one knows for sure yet.
The second rumor for Series 6 is that River Song is returning, possibly as a full time companion or just for a couple of episodes. I guess she will probably make an appearance in every series now, seeing as she knows all of the Doctors. So she'll be there until The Doctor breathes his last breath in his 13th incarnation, which I personally think he will go onto possibly his 14th, 15th or even 16th. Some sort of Time Lord magic will expand is life-span for him.
And now for the third and final rumor for just now is that the beloved 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) will make a triumphant return to the series in a rumored Multi-Doctor story. Now this could possibly be a charity episode, like "The Two Doctors and The Five Doctors" specials. Sarah-Jane Smith is also to make a return in that episode. The 11th Doctor is to make a cross-over appearance to "The Sarah-Jane Adventures". I don't know if this is it or not. This may be seperate from that.