Gene Hunt: The Series! I Want It To Happen!

on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now that "Ashes To Ashes" has finished for good. Why should it be the end of our fictional hero, DCI Gene Hunt. I think that Hunt should get his own show.
The creators could call it something like, "DCI Hunt" or just "HUNT". Or even call it after another David Bowie song. I have to in mind that would suit the show's name perfectly. "Starman" or "Never Get Old". Gene Hunt is the Starman, he's invincible. And also, Gene Hunt never really seems to get old. Hens the choice of names above.
I think the character deserves it. Everyone loves the character and have bought all of the merchendice of him. I've got one of his t-shirts that has "The Gene Hunt Appreciation Society" on it and a picture of him in the middle of the circle.
Please BBC, bring him back.